What We're All About

We believe murals bring beauty, pride and hope to people all over the world, and give us the chance to instantly connect with art and the pulse of the community it lives in.

Jigsaw puzzles also offer a chance to connect, unwind and get inspired. They’re the perfect solo project or special way to bond with friends and family, one piece at a time. 

That’s why we created Lost Walls Project. Our 1000 piece puzzles merge a classic pastime with stunning modern street art. When buildings are repainted or torn down, murals are lost forever. 

We aim to change that through sharing and archiving them through a fun activity. 

Forget the tired cottage scenery and sailboats jigsaw puzzles are associated with. Lost Walls only feature vibrant works licensed from some of today’s rising street artists.  

Our puzzles allow you to catch a glimpse of the edgy street-art culture of London Chicago Los Angeles, India and France without leaving your home, and bring the outside wall art indoors. Once complete, these picture perfect puzzles can be framed and hung in any room.

Even puzzles can make an impact. We're a female founded business that sources 50% of our puzzle art from female muralists. A portion of each sale is donated to new community murals and scholarships for BIPOC college art students.

Your Turn:
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